Council of Women Society organizes meetings with specialists

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Within the framework of activities of the Council of the Women’s Society, Nadira Akilova a doctor, regional representative of the International PreventAge Institute in Uzbekistan and the University of Educational Medicine met female students and talked about preventive, integral and anti-aging medicine.

The topic of the event is very relevant: “How to manage DNA”.

Speaker: Nadira Akilova told the students of Tashkent Branch that our genes, under the influence of nutrition, physical activity, wakefulness and sleep patterns, stress, bad habits and the environment, can be activated or silent. From this theory a whole science emerged, called EPIGENETICS.

Genetics 30% of our health. Epigenetics 70% lifestyle. Genes that play a role in longevity. How do we turn on longevity genes and turn off those that shorten it?

Nutrition for centenarians, Mediterranean diet, intermittent fasting, autophagy mechanism, food that accelerates aging, regular physical activity, observance of circadian rhythms of sleep and wakefulness, telomere theory of aging. All these aspects became the main points of discussion with the speaker Nadira Akilova.