Guests at the branch

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Correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Snegirev V. N. visited Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Students of different courses prepared and performed a greeting concert program for the guest of honor, including national songs and dances.

During their visit, guests got acquainted with Intellectual Audience, Information Resource Center, electronic library of scientific literature in foreign languages, thematic book exhibition, Museum of the History of the Branch and other departments of the university as well.

During the meeting with the staff and students of the university V.N.Snegirev thanked them for warm welcome, and noted creative abilities of the students of the Branch.

Correspondent of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” got acquainted with unique electronic library “Foreign economic literature in foreign languages”, which appeared in accordance with the plan for the development and modernization of classroom fund and study of the university, approved by authority of Tashkent Branch.

There paid much attention to foreign language training not only by students, but also by teaching staff in the Branch. There decided to open a library on “Economic Literature in Foreign Languages” by the authority of the Branch. There founded book fund from textbooks, manuals, monographs, prominent foreign authors in various spheres of economics, finance, management, marketing, insurance, econometrics in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish and other languages. The exhibition “Foreign economic literature in foreign languages” contains rare editions. Members of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics took part in the replenishment of the library fund. 

Snegirev V.N. got acquainted with how lectures of specialists of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics are conducted in online mode for Branches of the University. He attended classes that had been conducted in the Intellectual audience of the Branch. This event is possible with the introduction of Moodle learning management information system (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) used in Tashkent Branch.

There took place a presentation of the work of electronic educational environment platform of Head University and its links with Branch Network here.

As emphasized Snegirev V.N. “…it is clear from technical equipment of the Branch that educational programs of the University are focused on training specialists for digital economy. This will contribute to the creation of appropriate educational and research environment which provides single information space, allows training specialists, scientists and researchers who will use the most advanced information technologies in their future activities to achieve global goal – formation of the Republic of Uzbekistan as economically powerful state.

From what we have seen today, it’s possible to make a conclusion that you have opportunity to compare yourself with the best universities. And I would like to say that your students will certainly contribute to the development and strengthening of Uzbekistan in future”.

During the visit, the guest saw the work is being conducted in Tashkent Branch on implementation of REU Smart University Concept, based on five criteria: social orientation, mobility, accessibility, governing capacity and managing ability, technological effectiveness. This ensures creation of modern and safe digital educational environment providing high quality and accessibility of education. It is carried out via creation of information infrastructure of the university, modernization of classrooms and equipment of educational laboratories as well.