Master classes and workshops of practitioners

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Practitioners from various industries conduct master classes and workshops at REU # COWORKING training center

On February 20, 2020 representative of Vienna State University Oksana Galak (PhD) held a workshop in REU # COWORKING on the topic: “Features of educational system of European Union”.

The main purpose of this presentation was to familiarize students with principles and features of the organization of educational system in EU on the example of Austria.

Presentation began with a quiz, in which students in a game form could demonstrate knowledge of basic facts about European Union. The quiz allowed from the very beginning of the presentation to engage students in the discussion, as well as to focus their attention on European Union, and as more specific example, on Austria.

Further, discussion focused on the structure of EU educational system, and primarily on primary and secondary education system. Students learned that this system is not homogeneous, and within the EU there are fundamental differences between groups of countries. In particular, in contrast to the traditional system, which is also characteristic of the Russian Federation and Uzbekistan, in Austria, choice between academic and professional-applied specialization is made by pupil after the 4th grade, that is, at the age of 10. Similar systems also function in Germany and Switzerland.

More uniformity is characteristic of EU higher education system, especially in aspects related to the functioning of Bologna system in the European Higher Education Area. During the presentation, students learned about how this zone was formed and what its main characteristics are.

Most attention was paid to the consideration of European system of accumulation and transfer of credit points. This system allows students studying in universities of participating countries to attend courses and programs freely, as well as continue their studies and obtain degrees at foreign universities, thereby stimulating academic mobility and cultural exchange.

How credit points are earned, how many credit points you need to accumulate to obtain bachelor’s or master’s degree, how credit points are translated into the student workload – all these issues were disclosed in the presentation. The facts were illustrated by examples of the organization of educational process at Vienna State University, which gave more practical idea of ​​standards and requirements for students at European universities.

In conclusion, in the form of questions and answers, practical issues of interest to students were discussed, such as financing higher education in Europe, structure of educational process, system for assessing academic performance, etc.

In general, topic of the presentation and accompanying discussion were relevant for REU students, since currently the principles originally developed in the framework of the Bologna process for EU countries are taken as ф basis for reforming educational systems throughout European Higher Education Area, which includes about 50 countries, including since 2003 and Russian Federation.

“The influence of psychotype and temperament on team relationships” is the topic of interactive lesson held at REU # COWORKING by representatives of Tashkent branch of Moscow State University after M.V. Lomonosov for 1st – 4th years students of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

On February 21, 2020 at REU # COWORKING center of the branch there held a master class by founder of NAPA Team group of companies and head of NAPA Automotive U. Abdusattorov. Theme of master class: “Success Story: How I Came to the IT Sphere”. Master class was attended by 2nd and 3rd year students, teachers of “Finance and Credit” department.

Training was held in lively, relaxed atmosphere. The components of successful business were discussed in interactive format. The speaker gave his recommendations to the children in accessible form, willingly answering their questions. U. Abdusattorov focused the students’ attention on the need for their compulsory understanding of each business process within business being built, all the links of technological chains used in this business, and also recommended that young people actively use modern information technologies to promote their own business.

Then the lecturer demonstrated in direct online mode, using the example of international company Uber, which created mobile application for searching, calling and paying for taxis and delivering food, how to very fit whole business plan in one table.

It was about such an effective tool that is used by everyone who creates and launches successful products – Lean Canvas, template for building a business model consisting of nine blocks. Lean Canvas helps product manager or product owner quickly describe his idea, identify key consumers, evaluate existing problems and offer solutions, formulate characteristics that can make business unique. In conclusion, students participated with pleasure with U. Abdusattorov in the preparation of business model using real example proposed by students themselves.

On February 28, 2020 a master class was held by chief inspector of units of Advisor to the President on protection of citizens’ rights and handling complaints E. Rakhmanov. He spoke about his life experience, his current work in Presidential Administration, e-government, its structure, goals and factors of its creation. Also, being the tutor of Bodybuilding Federation, mass-wrestling and fitness of the country E. Rakhmonov spoke about Federation’s plans, success of athletes, preparations for the world bodybuilding championship. Lecturer’s instructions for students in terms of desire to constantly improve their knowledge, learn foreign languages, show their best in received tasks and assignments, create and expand Networks around themselves were very useful.