Meeting with students

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In pursuance of the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 27, 2019 No. 816 “On the role of older generation in the society and measures to further increasing social activity of representatives of older generation”, as a part of the Week of older people in Tashkent Branch of PREU there was meeting of faculty, veterans and students with the head of Tashkent city fund of support for veterans “Nuroniy”. The meeting was opened by the head of the Branch, academician of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdurakhmanov K.Kh.

The chairman of the fund Kalanov R.A. spoke about activities of City Council of Veterans. He spoke about multifaceted activities of Nuroniy Foundation, drawing special attention of students to be patriots of motherland. In this aspects they are ready to help, direct them on the path to becoming competitive specialists, members of Veterans Council of the branch, in which well-known scientists of the country are actively working. In their speeches, higher education veterans tell students about social and economic successes of Uzbekistan achieved in recent years, about the features of transition period to market relations. Goals and tasks, historical significance of Uzbek experience in transition to market economy are explained to future specialists using examples.

The Council of Veterans of the Branch of PREU organizes its work in close connection with Nuroniy Fund of Tashkent city, Council of Women’s Society, trade union committee, Council of tutors and youth public organizations, deans of the Branch. The administration of the branch provides regularly material and moral support to labor veterans, inviting them to various celebrations.

Current, newly elected members of the Council intend to raise the quality and content of their activities in accordance with the requirements of government policy documents. The Council of Veterans in new academic year sets the task of further improving educational work among students of all courses. In particular, veterans should pay close attention to participation of students in ongoing general events, including tutor’s hours of all students of academic group entrusted to them. It is necessary further improvement of extracurricular work on formation of spiritual, moral, legal and political culture of future economists and increase relationship with public organizations, including Council of Union of Youth, Women’s Council in organizing and conducting educational work among students.

With the participation of labor veterans, it is planned to educate students in legal and political culture. Thus, general tutor’s lessons will discuss dangers of mass culture and threat of ideological influence on consciousness of youth.