Navruz is a holiday of spring!

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Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics congratulates on Navruz spring holiday!

History of celebration of the birth of spring is originated from the distant past. From time immemorial, arrival of spring in our region has been famous for national rejoicing and, of course, unusually tasty and healthy sumalyak, a dish that has no analogue in the whole world.

Covered with tender, freshly growing greens, mountain slopes, petals of a blossomed apricot, generous sun and indescribable azure of the sky – these are fabulous attributes of Navruz, celebration of the awakening nature and its harmony, joy of creation and love!

Navruz is a great gift that taught us to enjoy revival of nature, giving us strength and faith in ourselves. Certainly, Navruz is the most dear and beloved, the most ancient, truly national holiday of our people, personifying its immortal spirit, its inherent nobility and kindness.

We heartily congratulate the staff and students of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics on Navruz spring holiday!

We wish you health, dear colleagues, all sorts of well-being, fulfillment of hopes and love. May the sky above our beautiful and flourishing country always be peaceful, and people happy and prosperous. Let the youth studying in our university, to whom we dedicate our work, be a support and hope of the state and our future will be in reliable, strong and highly educated hands.

We wish everyone to successfully fulfill their great thoughts, bring up a worthy generation, be in harmony with world and nature!