Poster Competition

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The Council for educational work together with the Council of curators of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, on the basis of the order of the director of the Branch, a university round of the republican competition “The Best Poster” was held among students on the topic: “Enlightenment against ignorance.”

The student youth of the university reacted responsibly to this event and presented their drawings, which were proposed for consideration by the jury of the Branch and as an improvised exhibition of students’ works.

The jury, having carefully considered the posters submitted for participation in the competition, chose the best ones, distributing the places as follows:

1st place was awarded to 3rd year students of gr. 963 – Poster with the title “Stop terror” (author: Sagdullaeva M.);

2nd  place for 1st year students  group 1303. Collective work with the title of the poster “Enlightenment against ignorance” (authors: Khalikova D., Sharipova M., Burkhanov N., Gudov D., Khusenov F., Abdullaev A.);

3rd  place was given to the 1st year students of group -1305. Collective poster – “Ignorance and its consequences” (authors: Abdushukurova S., Karimberdyeva Z., Skuybida A.).

This event is another parting word to students about the influence of the negative aspects of today. The competition is aimed at educating the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and spiritual enlightenment.