Students in the international scientific-practical conference

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The students of the Branch took an active part in the work of the 3rd  International scientific and practical conference of perspective developments of young scientists “School of young innovators” (ML-66). It was held online on June 17, 2022 in Kursk, Russia. A record number of people registered for the conference -243 people. The organizers of the conference are the South-Western State University (Russia), a number of large Russian universities and the universities of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

The program included a global economic agenda, scientific sections, round tables and practical sessions for students and young scientists.

Scientific and pedagogical workers, doctoral students, graduate students, students, employees of enterprises, as well as all everyone who are interested in the problems under consideration, are invited to participate in the conference.

The results of the conference reflect the vast geography of the conference, summarizing the results of the scientific work of young scientists interested in the development of the scientific future.