Students participated in the contest

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Third-year students of “Finance and Credit” profile of Tashkent Branch of PREU took an active part in III International Student contest in financial control and audit, which was organized by base department of “Financial Control, Analysis and Audit” of PREU with the support of Main Control Department of Moscow city.

The contest was held on-line for the students of economic specialties of Russian and foreign universities.

Among 20 students of PREU in Tashkent who took an active part in the contest, 6 went to the second round: Umarova Shakhnoza (group 773), Raupova Mukhlisakhon (group 773), Kariev Ulugbek (group 753), Khamidkhanova Khilola (group 753), Khasanova Aziza (group 753), Khasanova Laziz (group 753).






They were awarded certificates and diplomas from the organizers.