Implementation of Academic Mobility Program

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During October, the Branch hosted a number of lectures by leading teachers of head university, organized within the framework of Academic Mobility Program of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. 

In the context of development of digital technologies, academic mobility takes on a new meaning, expanding the boundaries of education and improving its quality, and thereby bringing a synergistic effect to education process.

During the eight-hour course, the topics of discipline “Economic Analysis” were revealed:

  • methods of economic analysis (2 hours);
  • information support of economic analysis (2 hours);
  • analysis of sources of financing of property potential of the enterprise (2 hours);
  • analysis of financial condition, liquidity and solvency of the organization (2 hours).

The course “Electronic business”, conducted successfully for the students of the Tashkent branch, by PhD in Physics and Mathematics , Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics L.P. Dyakonova focused the audience’s attention on such topical topics as:

  • digital business basics (4 hours);
  • digital marketing (4 hours).