Representatives of the Branch at the meeting with makhalla activists

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Teachers and employees of Tashkent Branch of PREU took an active part in the event as a part of implementation of five important initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, organized in makhalla Turkkurgan by administration of makhalla committee with the participation of leadership of Yunusabad district, makhalla activists, children and their parents as well.

In accordance with the Roadmap of full member of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan K. Abdurakhmanov the meeting was attended by Doctor of Economics, Professor of Department of International Economics of Tashkent Branch of PREU Islamov B.A.

In his speech, he noted the necessity of increasing attention to the work with young people, their wide involvement in art and sports, formation of skills for correct use of information technology, love of reading books as an inexhaustible source of spiritual development. He especially paid attention to upbringing girls and provision of employment among women of working age.






A very important aspect is to pay special attention to the work with youth. In Turkulgan makhalla dancing, drafts and chess clubs were organized, and there was a private library. As part of the event, an exhibition of paintings by young artists and fair of fiction were organized. Also, with the participation of children, dance numbers were presented songs and poems were performed, glorifying the love to the motherland. The winners and prize-winners of “Mahalla to Mahalla” football competitions were awarded with diplomas and souvenirs from the organizers.