Work with students

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In order to continue spiritual – enlightening and educational work with students of Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics for the quarantine period, Tutors’ Council and dean compiled a plan for working with students, aimed at developing personality and creating effective leisure for students.

Plan of spiritual – enlightening and educational work during the quarantine period includes the following blocks: reading fiction (links to electronic online resources of works of great Uzbek, Russian and foreign writers); developing students’ interests in music, theater and other forms of art (organizing a virtual visit to world famous museums, watching free streams from leading world theaters, watching feature films, documentaries and educational films); online courses for studying youth aimed at studying foreign languages, economics and other disciplines (providing Internet links).

Tutors of academic groups maintain constant contact with supervising groups in telegram channels, conduct daily virtual monitoring and routinely redirect electronic resources and links to tutor groups on telegram channels, and maintain interactivity.

So from March 16 up to now, virtual visits have been organized: Museum of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Museum of Applied Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan; “Hermitage” museum; Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna; Tretyakov Gallery; State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), Louvre Museum; British museum; Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Museum of Modern Art (MoMA); Guggenheim Museum; Salvador Dali Museum; Smithsonian Museum; National Museum in Krakow; Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest; Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum with google street view function; Digital archives of the Uffizi. Various online broadcasts of the Vienna Opera, Live in HD Metropolitan Opera, the Bolshoi Theater of the Russian Federation, Mariinsky Theater, Kazakhstan Theater ARTiSHOK are viewed.

Free links to the following online courses are provided: “How to invest (free course on investments for beginners)?”; personality development courses; course “Girls in IT” from Microsoft; course launched by IT Park, consisting of short but informative videos in which the best businessmen and specialists of Uzbekistan give lectures and give master classes; webinars on marketing, advertising and SMM, as well as courses for beginners from Cybermarketing; language learning from Duolingo; free online programming courses from Ulearn; “Cooking school”; cooking courses from Annyshamax; School of Design; webinars on the topic “How to organize your life during self-isolation.”

Students with the assistance of specialists of Information and Resource Center of the Branch receive electronic resources of books and audio books of domestic and foreign classics and modernity. In the groups tutors discuss read literature with the students, and interactivity is supported.