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The International Day against Drug Abuse and illegal circulation was established in 1987 by the UN General Assembly as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to create an international society free from drug abuse. According to UN estimates, the total number of people who use drugs is currently at least 185 million people (3% of the total population of our planet, or about 12% of the population aged 15 to 30 years). Unfortunately, the demographic consequences of drug addiction are becoming more ominous every day. The proportion of minors and adolescents among drug users is increasing, and the number of women addicted to this terrible addiction is increasing as well. Narcologists are very concerned about the problem of drug addiction, among their statements is that if 3-4 years ago the average age of young drug addicts was 16-17 years, today this figure has dropped to 13-14 years. According to statistics, over the past ten to twelve years, the number of women using narcotic and psychotropic drugs has increased sevenfold.

Almost everyone can become victims of drug addiction, but to a greater extent this applies to young people. Addiction to drugs turns into a tragedy for the addicts themselves, grief for their parents and many serious problems for teachers and educators.

Drug addiction is perhaps one of the most terrible phenomena of our time. Every day more and more people fall into the terrible network of vice, trying to hide from daily problems with it. The price for such experiments on one’s own life is infinitely high, and the results are sometimes irreversible. The choice of a person is his step, but to choose from two possible options “for” and “against” drugs is an unforgivable and harmful decision for anyone.  27