Cultural and educational project in action

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This unique project “Interactive trainings on History in the Museum” allows the joint efforts of scientists of the Branch and museum staff to solve the issues of spiritual and patriotic education of students, a comprehensive study of the subject on the basis of museum exhibits, the fund of which is more than 270 thousand units, thereby extending students a unique opportunity familiarization with them.

During the excursion to the museum on the topic “Formation and Development of Uzbek state system” 1st year students could enrich their knowledge by studying the history of their native land at the museum’s expositions sequentially, according to the principle of continuity and progressive development of historical processes in Uzbekistan from ancient times to modernity.

In interactive museum classes there studied new information about the role of Amir Temur in the history of our state system. Being a brilliant commander and ruler, Amir Temur created a strong centralized state, raising its economy, science and culture to a high level. The study of his activities is closely connected with the revival of national identity, national state system.

It should be noted that the Branch pays great attention to the study of spiritual heritage of Uzbek people, the education on this basis of younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and love for the motherland.

In accordance with the schedule of events conducted in higher educational institutions among the youth of the university, students of the Branch lead a rich and active spiritual life. Together with the curators of the groups, they also visit museums, art and thematic exhibitions, theaters and go on excursions.