School of Activists is a universal educational project

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Five initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev are successfully implemented at School of Activists

School of Activists is a universal educational project that includes physical education and sports, development of theatrical skills and creative talents of students, improving skills in computer technology and Internet.

Eight teams fr om the most active students of Tashkent branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics competed in various competitions of School of Activists for three days. Fr om the first task – developing the image of the team to the evening fire, students showed their ability to work in the team, competitiveness and the ability to acquire new skills. Tasks for students became more complicated from competition to competition: sports events, intellectual game, fun relay race, which required good physical training from students. They were able to establish work in the team so that it was a single whole, acting cohesively and efficiently. The total points for the teams consisted of points that team scored within three days.

There were a lot of events, that is Plekhanov Spartakiad, wh ere students demonstrated their sports skills, and intellectual quiz “What? Wh ere? When?, contest “Best Song by the Campfire” and seminar-training “School of Leadership”. And of course, students’ KVN (“Club of the smart and the merry”). This is a required attribute of the School of Activists.

This is a very difficult task to establish work in a team so that it is a single whole, acting cohesively and efficiently. This is what the training on communication skills that members of the team of methodologists conducted with students was aimed at. During the event, they told students about modern tools, methods and mechanisms for establishing communication, eliminating conflict situations and benefits of competent teamwork. As part of the training, we considered new technologies in communications. Practical training was held with students in the ability to establish communication contacts, which, of course, will help them in the future to more effectively position themselves in teamwork. Students were actively involved in the process, with the help of lecturer, they modeled and analyzed various situations in accordance with the tasks defined for each team, as well as communication mechanisms. Certainly, students were able to put all this into practice.

Experienced undergraduates acted as mentors and actively helped beginners to achieve their goal – winning the School of Activists 2019.

As part of the on-site training seminar “School of Activists 2019” held on October 4 to 6, the winning teams, as well as students who won in various nominations, were determined. All the students did their best, at the end of each day the jury evaluated the teams of rivals, according to various criteria, from these ratings there formed the overall assessment of the team.

And the results of 16th season of School of Activists 2019 are the following:

Ist place and challenge “Winner Cup” won the team No. 3 (3790 points)

IInd place was shared by team No.4 (3715 points) and team No. 6 (3645 points)

IIIrd place was shared by teams No. 1 (3620 points), No. 8 (3575 points), No. 5 (3420 points)

VI place was taken by teams No. 2 (3300 points) and No. 7 (3160 points)

Prize fund was formed especially for the “School of Activists”, students honestly competed for prizes and awards went to the most worthy. Letters of gratitude were awarded to all captains and mentors of the teams, as well as students who showed themselves in various competitions, sports relay races, events and various nominations of School of Activists 2019.