University opens International Youth Climate Club

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Environmental issues come to the fore on the agenda of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The university actively participates in the events and projects dedicated to the “green” theme. To popularize environmental education and introduce environmental habits, International Youth Climate Club has been opened at the university.

 “In order to unite young enthusiasts who are ready to contribute to activities related to climate change and create sustainable future for our country, we are opening climate club where eco-activists of Plekhanov University and its branch network, who are aware of the need to preserve the environment and strive for real changes,” said Ivan Lobanov, rector of the university.

“Climate Portal of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics” project is a digital platform, a springboard for public discussions on climate and ecology, created to highlight current issues related to climate change, as well as to form a youth community interested in developing climate agenda.

You can become a member of International Youth Climate Club by contacting Vice-Rector Fariza Dzhabrailova: